Tuesday, 27 December 2011

What I have learnt this year...

I’ve been book blogging seriously for about 16 months now and seeing as we are coming to the end of 2011, I’ve been thinking about all the things I’ve learnt about book blogging in my first full calendar year. Some I admit are obvious, but probably are worth repeating.
1.       Book Blogging is time intensive!
Between reading books, writing reviews, reading comments, visiting other blogs and thinking about content and posts a lot of time goes into blogging – it has slowly swallowed up a lot of my spare time and my thoughts over the last year!

2.       It involves organisation skills!
Arrange posts, memes and giveaways means you must be organised. I admit I tend to schedule posts about a week ahead of time just in case something happens in ‘real life’ that will prevent me putting something up. Plus if I decide to do a giveaway or read a review book I have to arrange it for a certain day. Events or author interviews involve even more research and organisation.

3.       Blogging needs to creative!
All those posts don’t write themselves. In addition the extra content whether it is participating in memes, commenting or random articles most of which involve a certain amount of creativity and thought. You get far more interactivity from people with interesting content. Not mention all those fabulous blog designs out there. Now I’m not good at the design side – html is not my friend and I failed Art at school, so I struggle by on template and button side. (Missie The Unread Reader and Melissa at Books and Things particular put the rest of us too shame with seasonal changes to their blogs!)

4.       Authors are real people too!
This year I’ve started to interview a few authors and one thing that has struck me about each of them is how approachable they are.  I have always had some idea that authors are these demi-Gods that I worship from afar. But the reality is writing is a job and they want people to know about their books. J

5.       Blogging is expensive!
I don’t just mean giveaway prizes and shipping (something we all have to struggle with!), but my spending on books has increased exponentially since I started blogging. I used to have just 2 shelves of books to be read – now my TBR pile has a whole bookcase to itself and I still keep buying more! The more books you hear about on other blogs, publishers websites and goodreads, the more you want them and the more you buy.

6.       Blogging is so worth it!
 Despite all that time, organising, thought and expense, blogging is totally worth as a hobby (and I do consider it a hobby). I talk to people all over the world – and have discovered new friends with similar interests. I’ve discovered new authors and new series I would never have looked at otherwise. I get to use my brain in a totally different way than I do at work. And I just love reading other peoples blogs, reading the comments on mine and engaging with authors in a way I never dreamed off 18 months ago!

So what has blogging taught you in the last year? J


  1. I've pretty much come to the same conclusions on blogging. It's not something for the faint-hearted or for people who just want free books. It takes time, dedication, and will resul in you having far more than you can ever read in a reasonable amount of time.

    But it's so worth it!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you Mel, I only started blogging this year and didn't realise really how much time it took. I've had a few moments where I've thought "nah can't be bothered posting anything this week" and other times where I am super organised and love it.

    I'm rubbish at the whole html stuff too, I'm learning but it's very slow and it doesn't come naturally to me either.

    I also have spent way more money on buying books this year than I normally would and my TBR pile is out of control, I've learned I'm easily tempted by a shiney pretty cover but I have read books that I normally wouldn't have touched with a barge pole. In 2012 I plan to read less review books and more of what I want to read and get that TBR pile down!

  3. I definitely agree with your conclusions, especially about blogging being time intensive and the ever expanding TBR list! To get a lot out of blogging, you do need to spend time visiting and commenting on other blogs, not just working on your own.

    I've kind of come full circle with the review books and think I will be accepting less in 2012.

  4. Nice list. Thanks for all your work, I enjoy your blog.

  5. All that and more :D But yes mostly that blogging takes time and that bf thinks I am addicted to the net ;)

  6. Terrific post. I agree with everything you said :D