Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mel's Random February

February may be a short month but I still feel exhausted. Part of that might because work is very busy, part of that is my Gran not being well and quite a lot of that is because I have been Kitten-sitting for my friend. She went off to New York for a week and I got her two six-month old kittens to look after! It's been a while since I had young cats around and I forgot how much energy they can have. The good thing is they seem very fond of books and once they have raced all over the  flat, they collapse! Have a look!

So how has this impacted the reading situation..?

Grave Dance (Alex Craft #2) - Kalayna Price
Cursed (Alex Verus #2) - Benedict Jacka (British Book Challenge)
Grave Memory (Alex Craft #3) - Kalayna Price
Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves - Matthew Reilly
Dark Alchemy - Edited by Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois
Soul Beach - Kate Harrison (British Book Challenge)
The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead

Pantomime - Laura Lam (British Book Challenge)
Devil May Care - Patricia Eimer
Hysteria - Megan Miranda
Shades of War (Sevy #2) - Sarah-Jane Lehoux

Silver Shark - Ilona Andrews

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So updating the challenges -
British Books Challenge - 5 Read

Best of the Bunch: Grave Dance and Grave Memories  - a great UF series with two great romantic leads, fantastic friends and a unique world. I've already ordered the next book, Grave Visions!

Honorable Mentions: I had a good month and enjoyed The Indigo Spell, Soul Beach, Pantomime and Shades of War - it was good month!

So what was your month like?


  1. Kitten sitting - that sounds like a lot of fun! Although I must admit to sighing with relief when my cat left the kitten stage...

  2. Awwwww kittens! They are super cute :) I've heard awesome things about the Alex Craft series - I'll definitely have to give it a chance!

    My best of the bunch is here if you'd like a look :)

  3. Awwwwww!!!! They look just like my cat :) (I have a black cat as well) But yes, I know what you mean - mine would never stop running around the flat when she was their age (and even now). No wonder you're exhausted.

    Hope your gran gets well soon! x

  4. Cute kittens!
    I really loved Pantomime, and am looking forward to reading Soul Beach and Indigo Spell.
    I can't believe we're into March already!

  5. Hugs to your gran! Hope she feels better soon.

    Kittens!!!! MEW! *huggles them*

    Your shelves are too neat. *hangs head in shame and covers shelves* Don't look! ;)

    It looks like the reading wasn't affected too much. You rocked the short month!

  6. Wow, it was a short month, but dang, you still kicked its butt in books. And adorable kitty. :)

  7. I hadn't heard of that series yet, and I've added it to my Goodreads shelf! Thanks for the suggestion!
    Cute kitties :)