Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Author Interview: Marissa Meyer

I recently finished two fabulous books that were a lot of fun, and managed to be both traditional and new at the same time - Cinder and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. She is even in the UK next week to sign copies of her book, so if you are based in the UK and can get to the Waterstones in Bromley on 26th March, please go say hello. Unfortunately I'm working at the other end of the country that day so will miss out L

But to console me I have a wonderful quick Q&A with Marissa. I hope you like it!

First of all welcome to Mel's Random reviews - it's great having you here and I’m very excited as I adored Cinder!

Thank you so much for having me!
There are many great characters in these books – do you have a favourite to write for and why?
I love writing the funny characters, largely because they tend to take on a mind of their own and I’m never entirely sure what they’re going to say or do next. Iko was a ton of fun to write – an android with a crush on the prince and great fashion sense, who knew?! I also really love writing Captain Thorne, who shows up in Scarlet. He can be ridiculous and arrogant one moment, and sweet and charming the next. I like characters who make you fall in love with them, while driving you crazy at the same time.
Did you plan the whole Lunar Chronicles series in advance or did you start not knowing where the story will end?
I’m definitely a planner, so yes, I had all four books planned out before I wrote a single word, and then I wrote the first drafts of Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress back to back. I found that it really helped me figure out the world-building and what important elements needed to be set up in the beginning of the series. It also allows me to put in fun foreshadowing that I hope readers will be excited to discover as the series unfolds. (All that said, a lot has changed since those initial drafts, so I always try to be flexible with my original plans.)
What’s been your favourite fairy tale interpretation (TV/Film/Book)?
Oh gosh, it’s so hard to choose!! I adore Ella Enchanted, both the book and the movie. I really loved Entwined by Heather Dixon, which retells The Twelve Dancing Princesses in a really brilliant way. And I’m a sucker for Disney movies!
 What would be your ideal holiday?
A relaxing stay at a log cabin in the mountains, with a roaring fireplace, picturesque windows overlooking snow drifts and a pine forest, and lots and lots of hot cocoa. And I would just snuggle under some cozy blankets and read and read and read.
Wow - sounds ideal! Can I join you? J
 What is your favourite saying or quote?
“Luck plagues the diligent.” ~My Dad
Wise words to live by.
 Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! 


  1. I so wanna start this series :D
    Great interview too

  2. Heh... should we all vacay together? LOL

    Oh and how interesting that you plotted them all back to back. Oh I can't wait to read Scarlet!

  3. Wow, all three back to back. Nice. Great interview.