Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Book Haul / Showcase Sunday

This is Books, Biscuits and Tea's Showcase Sunday where I share my lovely book hauls each week. Have a look back at Vicki's link up to see what everyone is up too!

This week was a bit of slack week for reading for me (more health issues in the family) but I did managed to start and finish Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews AND Magic Gifts also by Ilona Andrews (Can those two ever write a bad book? Hopefully not!). I also finished a couple of anthologies - Weird Detectives and Philip Pullman's Grimm Fairy Tales. Thats four books down this week. However, I had a very good haul this week!
Through The Ever Night - Veronica Rossi
Publisher: Atom
Aria has struggled to build a life for herself outside Reverie. It hasn't been easy adjusting to life in the wilderness but that struggle has been worth it with Perry by her side. 
But Perry has other challenges. His people are looking to him for answers. Answers about what happened to his nephew and what's happening to their world. And they don't trust the priviledged Aria, one of the enemy, in their midst. 
Soon he'll be forced to chose between the tribe that looks to him for leadership and the girl that looks to him for love.

The wonderful Donna from Book Passion for Life randomly decided to give away a book on her Facebook page and I won! I choose Through The Ever Night as I really enjoyed Under The Never Sky last year.

Orbit Fantasty Starter Kit
The Facebook god was smiling on me this week as I also managed to win this Fantasy starter kit from Orbit. I'm particularly excited about Theft of Swords as Melissa from My World in words and pages just loves this series! My one drawback, these are all BIG books so I need to invest some time in the reading!
The Eye of the World - Robert Jordan
Life in Emond’s Field has been pretty boring for Rand Al’Thor and his friends until a strange young woman arrives in their village. Moraine is an Aes Sedai, a magician with the ability to wield the One Power, and she brings warnings of a terrible evil awakening in the world. That very night, the village is attacked by bloodthirsty Trollocs—a fearsome tribe of beast-men thought to be no more than myth. As Emond’s Field burns, Moraine and her warrior-guardian help Rand and his companions to escape. But it is only the beginning of their troubles. For Moraine believes Rand Al'Thor is the Dragon Reborn, and that he is fated to unite the world against the rising darkness and lead the fight against a being so powerful and evil it is known simply as the Dark One

Seven Princes - John R Fultz
It is an Age of Legends.
Under the watchful eye of the Giants, the kingdoms of Men rose to power. Now, the Giant-King has slain the last of the Serpents and ushered in an era of untold peace and prosperity. Where a fire-blackened desert once stood, golden cities flourish in verdant fields.
It is an Age of Heroes.
But the realms of Man face a new threat-- an ancient sorcerer slaughters the rightful King of Yaskatha before the unbelieving eyes of his son, young Prince D'zan. With the Giant-King lost to a mysterious doom, it seems that no one has the power to stop the coming storm.
It is an Age of War.
The fugitive Prince seeks allies across the realms of Men and Giants to liberate his father's stolen kingdom. Six foreign Princes are tied to his fate. Only one thing is certain: War is coming.

The Dark Legacy of Shannara: Wards of Faerie - Terry Brooks
There was an age when the world was young. It was a time before the coming of humans, a time when magic was the dominant power - and it was named the age of Faerie.
Ever since this time, a bitter war has been raging between the forces of good and evil. And it was during this age that the Elfstones protecting the Elven race disappeared. They have been missing for thousands of years.
Now a clue to their location may have surfaced in the ancient diary of a princess, and it will be the beginning of an adventure that no-one could have anticipated.

Theft of Swords - Michael J Sullivan
There's no ancient evil to defeat or orphan destined for greatness, just unlikely heroes and classic adventure. Royce Melborn, a skilled thief, and his mercenary partner, Hadrian Blackwater, are two enterprising thieves who end up running for their lives when they're framed for the death of the king. Trapped in a conspiracy that goes beyond the overthrow of a tiny kingdom, their only hope is unraveling an ancient mystery before it's too late.


The Wind Through The Keyhole - Stephen King
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Roland Deschain and his ka-tet"--"Jake, Susannah, Eddie, and Oy, the billy-bumbler--encounter a ferocious storm just after crossing the River Whye on their way to the Outer Baronies. As they shelter from the howling gale, Roland tells his friends not just one strange story but two . . . and in so doing, casts new light on his own troubled past. 
In his early days as a gunslinger, in the guilt-ridden year following his mother's death, Roland is sent by his father to investigate evidence of a murderous shape-shifter, a "skin-man" preying upon the population around Debaria. Roland takes charge of Bill Streeter, the brave but terrified boy who is the sole surviving witness to the beast's most recent slaughter. Only a teenager himself, Roland calms the boy and prepares him for the following day's trials by reciting a story from the "Magic Tales of the Eld "that his mother often read to him at bedtime. "A person's never too old for stories," Roland says to Bill. "Man and boy, girl and woman, never too old. We live for them."

I couldn't resist picking this up when it was on half price in WHSmith. I fell for the Dark Tower series when I was younger and although it took me years to read all of them, the story and tone has stayed with me. This is another story set with those characters that takes place between books four and five, but can also be used as a jumping on point for newbies. I'm not sure whether to leap straight into reading this or hold on to it so I can savour knowing it is still to come...

So what have you got this week..?


  1. The fantasy start kit looks great! They all sound amazing & especially if you're a fan of the genre! :)

    Enjoy the books you got.
    J'adore Happy Endings

  2. Oooh, Through the Evernight. Very cool. Hope you enjoy all your books. I have trouble getting into fantasy--I find them quite heavy going. Though I have read one or two that have been a little easier on my brain and really enjoyed them. Have a great Sunday. :)


  3. Oh wow, Mel! Great wins this week. That's an amazing fantasy starter kit. I've seen the competition but didn't dare entering because I don't know any of these authors and I chickened out lol :) Enjoy all your reads, sweetheart, and I hope your family will get better *hug*

  4. Great books! I really want to read Under the Never Sky to see what all the fuss is about. I have heard really good things about Through the Ever Night too. Enjoy! :)

    My SS:

  5. Wow great haul Mel :) I especially like the sound of Through the Ever Night :) Hope you enjoy your books :)

    Happy Sunday :)

    Megan xxxx

  6. Great haul!. Hope you enjoy your new goodies

  7. Oh Wow! Congrats on winning Through the Ever Night! I still haven't read Under the Never Sky yet! I've heard great things about them both though, so maybe I'll give it a go! :) Great Haul!

  8. What a lovely recap for the week! So many great books there. Happy Reading!!! My Sunday Edition @ Paulette’s Papers

  9. Wow, lucky gal! Awesome fantasy starter kit

  10. Seven Princes sounds good! :D Congratulations on winning the kit. Happy reading.


  11. wow I really love the first cover, I didn't know this one, happy reading darling!

  12. Through The Ever Night!! Cool!! :D
    Hope you enjoy reading them all!! :)

    My Showcase Sunday!

  13. I liked Through the Ever Night! I can't wait for the finale. :D

    Here's Mine @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews