Friday, 12 August 2011

Life, Liberty and Pursuit Review

Life, Liberty and Pursuit
-       Susan Kaye Quinn
When college-bound Eliza falls into a cruise-ship pool, she doesn't expect to fall in love. And when navy recruit David pulls her from the water, he finds her surprisingly hard to resist. But a whirlwind of rescues, candlelit nights, and beachside misunderstandings pulls them into a four-day love affair that threatens to break their hearts before their love has a chance to start. When David leaves for endless drills and physical training in boot camp, and Eliza returns to Albuquerque to prepare for Princeton in the fall, they dare to keep loving each other and struggle to imagine a future when they can be together. But when miles and mistrust pull them apart, they are forced to choose between keeping true to their dreams and having the courage to love.
I don’t read a lot of straight romance – some chick-lit when I fancy something light and frothy and some paranormal romance when I fancy a little more risqué. So this contemporary romance, an e-book I won from Missy at The Unread Reader a while ago, was a change of pace for me. It was another holiday read and the perfect book to chill out with by the pool – especially as the book starts with the main characters on a holiday cruise!
David is a strong man but not an over the top alpha man. Eliza is friendly and kind but emotionally immature – mostly because she just graduated high school. Their blossoming romance first on board and later via letter is a heart warming and very sweet. I liked how they both thought about the pros and cons of their relationship – especially long distance. At one point though I was seriously in danger of starting to dislike David, but then he pulled me back just by doing the right thing. How realistic the relationship actually this is, I’m not sure, but that’s my cynical side kicking in. :-)
It's not a long book, but the pages flew by. If you want a nice chaste romance this is the summer read for you!
Recommended for fans of Simone Elkeles and Sarah Dessen. 7 out of 10


  1. Let's say maybe :) A fast summer read is never wrong, I like fast a lot

  2. Sometimes you just want a simple romance book. Especially in the summer. Nice review!

  3. I don't read much romance either, it's mainly chick lit for me if I want some romance. This sounds like a nice summer read :)

  4. I thought this novel was so sweet. Susan has written a follow-up short story about Clayton and Teague in the Summer Lovin: Summer Breeze Anthology if you're interested!