Monday, 1 August 2011


First I have to say a MASSIVE thanks to Jodie and Donna for organising this – you’ve done a fab job!! When I saw there was a book giveaway hop especially for UK & EU people I squeed with delight. I love you US peeps, but we all know how expensive shipping can be and I’m happy to spread the book love close to home. J Don’t worry though – at the end of the month I’m celebrating my first year of blogging and will have a special big giveaway which will be worldwide!!
Back to the here and now – what goodies do I have up for grabs? As this is a UK & EU blog hop, I thought I’d make sure the prizes were UK related – specifically London based as a) it’s my home town and b) it’s the best city in the whole wide world (Fact! J). And it's a great city to set any paranormal book. 
So I’m having two winners who each can choose a book from the following London based yumminess.
Soulless – Gail Carriger
Heartless – Gail Carriger
Numbers – Rachel Ward
Numbers 2: The Chaos – Rachel Ward
Numbers 3: Infinity – Rachel Ward
Morlock Night – K.W. Jeter
A Madness of Angel – Kate Griffin
The Devil You Know - Mike Carey
Un Lun Dun - China Mieville
Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman

Additional London Based Books:
Phoenix Rising (Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences #1)by Philippa Ballantine
These were the first books I thought of when thinking about supernatural books set in London. Can you think of any other I should include? If so, leave a comment and I may add to the book selection if I agree with you - but commenting is NOT an entry to the giveaway. To be in with a chance to win one of these books read the rules below! 
Rules (in which I dot the i’s and cross the t’s)
-          Open to anyone living WITHIN THE UK & EU ONLY. Sorry everyone else. L
-          You don’t have to be a follower (although I won’t mind if you are!)
-          Giveaway ends Midnight GMT on Monday 8th August 2011
-          Prizes will be shipped from the Book Depository
-          There will be two winners which will be picked at random and emailed. They will have 72 hours to respond to my email with their choice of book listed above or a new winner will be picked
And check out the other fabulous stops on the hop here – Good Luck!!


  1. Pssst. How about this one
    Phoenix Rising (Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences #1)by Philippa Ballantine

    Oh and the books by Suzanne Mcleod. But since I have read those I just wanted to hint about Ballantine

  2. Great giveaway prizes!!

    I have my fingers well and truly crossed for this one :D

  3. Thanks for the giveaway - such a nice selection og prizes!

  4. I was about to suggest Suzanne Mcleod's books as well.

    And The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber.

  5. Half those books I've never heard of...on my TBR! New follower...I don't know why I've not heard of this giveaway hop...thanks for the giveaway anyway!

  6. Oh it seems like I had just read one that was in London. It escapes me at the moment. Oh now I'll be thinking about it all day! ;)

  7. Thanks for such an interesting giveaway! :) New follower here

  8. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  9. Thanks for the giveaway - this is a wonderful idea! :D Peter Ackroyd wrote a few books about London which sound fantastic but they're non-fiction so I doubt they're in keeping with your giveaway as such ^^

    Once Upon A Time

  10. Ooooh! Thanks for the chance!! Keeping my fingers crossed! :D