Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Same Book/Different Cover: Poison Study

This is an occasional feature I'm introducing comparing different covers of the same book...what I'm particularly interested in are re-issued covers for the same book.

This time around I'm looking at Poison Study by Maria V Snyder one of my favourite fantasy books. This is a great series that can be read as both an adult book and a YA so the publishers have tried marketing as both. But which is the best cover?

US Adult Cover

UK Adult Cover
US Young Adult Cover

UK Young Adult Cover

The US Adult cover hides Yelena behind the stairs and screams historical romance to me. If I came across this in the shops I doubt I'd pick it up.
The UK Adult is subtle - designed like an old book with a butterfly motive and a shadowy figure moving away from you. I like it, but think it might be too subtle. It doesn't leap off the shelves for me.
The UK YA cover has a lot going on - a girl with a fighting stick, an open book with a selection of vials and a castle in the background. But somehow it doesn't feel too crowded to me - it feels vital and energetic. Plus purple is my favourite colour! :-)
US YA cover is very green! The lying down girl is very similar to a number of other YA books. There are great colours but it doesn't seem very original to me.

My verdict - UK YA Cover is my favourite - which one do you prefer? :)


  1. I loved the Study series so much. Here, my vote goes to the US adult cover.

  2. UK YA! I have the UK adult and don't love it but the UK YA for the sequels :)

  3. I prefer the UK YA cover too and that so happens to be the one I have on my shelf. I'm really looking forward to reading it too.

  4. This is my favorite series EVER. I got them first in the US Adult covers, but after seeing the UK YA Covers I went bananas and purchased those too! I got one of them signed too *__*

  5. I love the first one and it does not say HR at all to me. It says mysterious and fantasy ;) so yes that is my fav

    Uk adult=boring
    Green one=bleh
    last one= too ya

  6. I actually really like all of those covers!

    I really want to read that one at some point...

  7. I'd have to agree with you on the first set. It does look like a historical romance. I still may look at it tho. I do prefer the UK cover here.

    I think you are right on the second. I love purple too, but too much going on. I like the US cover on this one. The red/green combo leaps out and the green reminds me of poison ivy. So, I'll go with the US cover here.

    Great meme!

  8. The only one I would pick up is the UK adult, which I guess means the publishers got it right as I am a UK adult!

    For me, the UK YA cover is a bit tacky looking ...

  9. This is one book I think there are more covers for than any other. I never understood the changing in covers thing, but all these covers are so neat. :) Thanks for showing them all.

  10. I love all of these covers. They are so pretty. I haven't read them though.

  11. Whoa! Where have I been. Look at all those variations. I'd have to say the UK YA is my fav. Love the color and feel of it.