Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Same Book/Different Cover: Dead Witch Walking

This is an occasional feature where I compare different covers of the same book...what I'm particularly interested in are re-issued covers for the same book and recently foreign editions.
This month I'm looking at a book I've just downloaded on my kindle because I know there are many fans of this series which is one of the original Urban Fantasy series now - and because it was part of Amazon's Kindle offer - only 99p! The book is Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison - the first in the Hollows series which introduces witch Rachel Morgan...

US Cover

UK Cover 1

UK Cover 2

French Cover

Spanish Cover



German Cover

US Cover: I find the back of this model very odd - her arms seem weak and the colours are off putting to me. Not a fan.
UK Cover 1: This is very bright! The yellow would certainly stand out on shelf! I like the model on this one and the way she seems to disappear below the waist.
UK Cover 2: This is quite a generic cover these days with not much to distinguish it form other Urban Fantasy series - a little lacking to me...
Spanish Cover: I can't help thinking that the model is supposed to be a vampire! She looks very sultry and with a full moon rising in the background, I think witch would be the last supernatural creature I would think off!
French Cover: I like the miniature fairy here and the red-headed model looks like a vulnerable but intriguing heroine
German Cover: This one is the most different from the others with a bold close up of an eye with a full moon and a bat flying in the pupil. It is very striking amongst a collection of models in tight leather and jeans.

My favourite? The German although the French is a close second. Which do you prefer? :-)


  1. The french ones, i think it explain/represent more the story^^ ( and what jenks is there that's a big plus)

  2. The German I would not even notice. The Us one is ugly, the UK 1 is really ugly. The Spanish is pretty but I would not pick it up. The french might too, but the Uk 2 is the clear winner. pretty :)

  3. I'm not sure that I really love any of these covers but I think that the UK cover 2 might be my favourite of the group.

    I've actually had this book sitting waiting to be read for ages now! I really must make time for it.

    Are you reading it now? How is it? I've heard a lot of great things about this author in general.

  4. I think I prefer the UK cover 2, it's a really beautiful cover.