Sunday, 11 November 2012

Book Buying Ban Week #1

Week 1 of my book buying ban is over! And I have successfully managed to not buy any books...however, I did manage to go a little nuts on Netgalley, which leads me to a little bit of a moral quandary. Okay, I didn't buy the books but I now have 5 additional books on my kindle waiting to be read...seeing as the point of book buying ban was two fold - to save money in the lead up to Christmas and help reduce my overwhelmingly large TBR pile. So week one is only  half a success... 

Not helping is the HUGE size of A Game of Thrones...close to 900 pages so I've spent most of this week in the Seven Kingdoms so this week has definitely added to my reading pile rather than cutting into it. However, the story is so involving I really can't complain too much! Must do better next week to cut into the TBR pile...

So what books did I get from Netgalley...?

I really couldn't resist these books though...all YA, but they look great. I am just going to forbid myself to go window shopping on Netgalley any more!


  1. Oh my, NetGalley was my downfall too during the time of my six-months-book-buying-ban earlier this year. I barely reduced my TBR piles then *facepalm*.

  2. Nice haul! I want´Til the world ends. :)

    Here is My Stacking the Shelves

  3. That's alright, Mel! You will have weeks that good and bad in your ban. Plus it's always nicer to leave yourself small loopholes. Mine was: every time I'm away on holidays I'm allowed to buy myself books. And I actually find it easier not to request books for review than not to buy them when I'm in a physical shop. So, bravo for not buying! Enjoy all your reads!

  4. I know- I'm trying to reduce my TBR pile at the moment as well but Netgalley is too much of a temptation isn't it?
    I love the sound of Pantomime, and I admire you for reading Game of Thrones. I thought the TV adaptation was the best thing on telly, but I'm too daunted by the huge size of the books :)

  5. Oh I'm so curious to read crimson Frost! Happy reading!

  6. If you ask me, NetGalley books don't count. :) I'm on a book buying ban myself (I've been for a few months now) but for me review books and NetGalley books don't count since I don't actually pay for them. :D

    Best of luck with the rest of your ban! <3
    PS. I can't wait to hear what you think of Hysteria. I requested it myself and I'm really looking forward to reading it.

  7. NetGalley is a terrible and wonderful thing. I don't buy half as many books now as I used to, but thanks to NetGalley, my book collection has simply exploded! It's really easy to not buy books when ARCs keep me too busy to read anything else, half the time. :)

    But when it comes to book-buying bans, I'd say the emphasis should be on the world "buying" rather than the word "book." Yes, part of it is to help cut down on the overwhelming To Read pile, but by my way of thinking, if that ban meant you couldn't get ARCs and uncorrected proofs, then it would really be a book-getting ban. So I think you're in the clear! (I'm such an enabler sometimes!)

  8. Its okay. Net Galley and Edelweiss don't help my ban's. Sometimes its nice to get the ARC's in digital form. Don't worry we all have our week moments. I got Crimson Frost as well.


  9. I think we all agree Netgalley books don't count so go for it Mel!