Thursday, 27 December 2012

Throwback Thursday 2012 Review

This is a great feature that Melissa at My words and pictures has been doing for a while which looks at those wonderful books that are ALREADY on my shelves that we haven't got round to reading yet. I've spent quite a few Thursdays looking at books I own but haven't read and I thought it would be fun to look back over those books I've highlighted and see how good I've been at actually reading them! Last year I only read two books, but since I introduced the monthly poll I fully expect 2012 to be better!

2011 Throwbacks
The Better Part of Darkness - Kelly Gay: Still Unread

Glass Houses (Morganville Vampires 1) - Rachel Caine: Still Unread
Magic Lost, Trouble Found - Lisa Shearin: Read in 2012! Reviewed here
The Reincarnationist - MJ Rose: Still Unread
Black Magic Woman - Justin Gustainis: Still Unread
The One Kingdom - Sean Russell: Still Unread
Hunted By The Others - Jess Haines: Read in 2011! Review here
The Angel's Game - Carlos Ruiz Zafon: Still Unread
Memoirs of Cleopatra - Margaret George: Still Unread
The Iron Duke - Meljean Brook: Read in 2012! Reviewed here
Ghost Ocean - S.M. Peters: Still Unread
One Foot In The Grave - Jeaniene Frost: Still Unread
Room - Emma Donoghue: Still Unread
The Edge of the World - Kevin J Anderson: Still Unread
Blood Oath - Christopher Farnsworth: Still Unread
Angel Time - Anne Rice: Still Unread
Gone - Michael Grant: Still Unread
Lord of Silence - Mark Chadbourn: Still Unread
Curiosity Thrilled The Cat - Sofie Kelly: Still Unread
Deadline (Newsflesh 2) - Mira Grant: Still Unread
Under Dome - Stephen King: Still Unread
Sixty-One Nails - Mike Shevdon: Still Unread
Mind Games - Carolyn Crane: Still Unread
The House of Special Purpose - John Boyne: Still Unread
Gene of Isis - Traci Harding: Still Unread
Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews: Still Unread
Heart of Stone - CE Murphy: Still Unread
Hade's Daughter - Sara Douglass: Still Unread
The Enchantment Emporium - Tanya Huff: Still Unread

2011 Summary: 35 Books - 4 Read (Or in other words rubbish!)

2012 Throwbacks  
Waking the Witch - Kelley Armstrong: Still Unread
The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins: Read in 2012! Reviewed Here
Voice of Dragons - Carrie Vaughn: Still Unread
Side Jobs - Jim Butcher: Read in 2012! Reviewed Here
Hounded - Kevin Hearne: Still Unread
Nightfall - Ellen Connor: Still Unread
The Crying Tree - Naseem Rakha: Still Unread
The Season of Passage - Christopher Pike: Still Unread
Hard Bitten - Chloe Neill: Read in 2012! Reviewed Here
Blood Rights - Kristen Painter: Read in 2012! Reviewed Here
Deep Fathom - James Rollins: Still Unread
Sister - Rosamund Lupton: Still Unread
One Of Our Thursdays Is Missing - Jasper Fforde: Read in 2012! Reviewed Here
Divergent - Veronica Roth: Read in 2012! Reviewed Here
The Desert Spear - Peter V Brett: Still Unread
Grimspace - Ann Aguirre: Still Unread
Bright Young Things - Anna Godbersen: Read in 2012! Reviewed Here
Immortal Beloved - Cait Tiernan: Still Unread
Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison: Still Unread
Unholy Ghosts - Stacia Kane: Read in 2012! Reviewed Here
666 Charing Cross Road - Paul Magrs: Still Unread
Bloodrings - Faith Hunter: Still Unread
Vegeance Born - Kylie Griffin: Still Unread
What's a Ghoul To Do? - Victoria Laurie: Still Unread
Enclave - Ann Aguirre: Read in 2012! Reviewed Here
Shakespeare's Landlord - Charlaine Harris: Still Unread
Goddess of the Sea - PC Cast: Still Unread
Black Dust Mambo - Adrian Phoenix: Read in 2012! Reviewed Here
Blonde Bombshell - Tom Holt: Still Unread
A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin: Read in 2012! Reviewed Here
The Stepsister Scheme - Jim C Hines: Still Unread
Tyger, Tyger - Kersten Hamilton: Still Unread
Hunt The Moon - Karen Chance: Still Unread
The Watchtower - Lee Carroll: Still Unread
Flesh and Blood - Kristen Painter: Still Unread
Grave Dance - Kaylana Price: Still Unread
Soul Beach - Kate Harrison: Still Unread
Department 19 - Will Hill: Still Unread

2011 Summary: 38 Books - 12 Read (+2 Throwbacks from 2011)
Getting better! I still have a lot of books on my TBR pile as well as Throwbacks that I haven't got round to reading yet. Next year I plan to continue my polls at the start of each month as a lot of the Throwbacks reads have been my favourite of the month and make a nice change from recent releases on the blog. 

So one bonus read for me - which of the unread books above do you want me to read next? Leave a comment and I'll see if I can read the most popular one next month as well as the usual poll next Thursday! 


  1. Uuuummmmmm (choices choices!)
    I think you should either read Tyger Tyger (Because this one has been sitting unread on my shelf forever as well, and if you read it, it might encourage me to read it!)
    Or Hounded because I think it's right up your street!

  2. Still unread??? Gee... it's not like "I" .... uh, nevermind. :) You'll do it. :)

    Happy New Year.

  3. Oh this is a great idea! A wrap of the Throwbacks. Now I have to say I don't think I got to any of my Throwbacks this year to be read...I'm really a slacker!